What We Believe

The Bible is the most important book that you will ever read, and Jesus Christ is the most important person you will ever encounter.

God – There is one God, who exists in three distinct but equal persons: Father, Son, and Holy Spirit.
Jesus Christ – Jesus was and is fully God and fully man. He lived the perfect life we all fail to live and died on the cross to take the punishment for the sins of all who turn from living their own way and trust in Him alone for salvation.

The Bible – The Bible is God’s Word and is completely reliable. It was composed by many inspired human authors, called prophets and apostles, over many centuries. These men were given their divine revelation by the Spirit of God Himself. The Bible therefore, as originally given, contains no errors and the translations of the Bible that we use today are the Word of God in the fullest sense. All parts of the Bible fit together perfectly to tell a single, unified story. This unique, God-given book reveals how God made a perfect world. It records how Adam and Eve, our first parents and representatives, lived in perfect harmony with our Creator as His special creatures, made in His image, but then deliberately disobeyed Him. Their wilful sin brought all of humanity under God’s righteous condemnation and punishment. The rest of the Bible gradually unfolds, over a 2000-year period, God’s plan to heal this broken relationship between God and human beings and to save sinners like us from His coming judgment. This inspired book points human beings lost in our sin to the only Saviour Jesus Christ, who laid down His life on the cross as an atoning sacrifice for the sin of all who would turn to Him and trust in Him for salvation. Having endured hell for the sins of His people at the cross, three days later He was raised from the dead in great triumph and 40 days later ascended to heaven to be enthroned in glory. Today Jesus continues to reign at the right hand of His Father, preparing to return again as the Sovereign Saviour to usher in the new creation and as the Judge of all mankind to condemn all who remain unrepentant.

Men and Women – None of us have to be taught to do what’s wrong. We are born into this world with sinful hearts. Even the best things we say, do and think are stained by our sin. Therefore, we add to our guilt each day before the holy God of heaven. We fail to live up to our own standards, never mind God’s perfect standards. None of us could ever be good enough to make it to heaven but we are still of immeasurable worth to our Creator God.

Getting to Heaven – The only way to get to Heaven is through repentance and relying on Christ alone (turning from sin and trusting solely in Jesus’ finished work on the cross for us). Saving faith in Jesus and repentance are themselves gifts from God to all who are born again.
Living as a Christian – As Christians it is our duty and privilege to live lives that please our Heavenly Father. Although we’re still far from perfect, the Holy Spirit is at work in us to make us more and more like Jesus.

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